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Mitsubishi Car Service: Big Things You Can Look From the Company's Authorized Dealers

The two biggest offers made by Mitsubishi's authorized dealers are extended warranty and roadside assistance.. yeap.

If you are planning to purchase a Mitsubishi vehicle from an authorized Mitsubishi dealer of the company, you should consider registering for the extended warranty offer. You can definitely register for the warranty at any time when the car's manufacturer's warranty is still on; but, by completing the registration when purchasing the vehicle you will be able to enjoy the services for a much lower price.

An extended warranty will cover your vehicle 20000 km or 1 year beyond the new vehicle warranty offered by the Japanese automaker. During this phase, your car will be mended by the company free of cost whenever it will encounter an electrical or mechanical issue.

The biggest benefit of having an extended warranty for your car is that it will ensure that you don't need to keep worrying about non-budgeted and unexpected expenditures for your vehicle. Registering for extended warranty will also increase your car's resale value; this is because the warranty can easily be transferred to the new owner's name.

Mitsubishi New Pajero Sport

If any mechanical or electrical defect is identified in any part of your Mitsubishi car by the company's authorized dealer, the dealer will replace or repair that defective part without taking a single penny from you. You'll neither need to pay for the parts nor for the labor.

The next most exciting offer made by the company's dealers is roadside assistance. If you register for roadside assistance, it will be the dealer's responsibility to bail you out of any problem your vehicle faces when on the road.

With the roadside assistance documents, you will be provided with a toll free phone number. Whenever your Mitsubishi vehicle gets blocked on the road, the only thing you will need to do is dial that toll free number and inform the person picking up the phone about your problem. Within just a few minutes you will see a representative of the nearest dealer of the manufacturing company appearing and making the necessary repair works. If requires, old and defective parts of your vehicle will also be replaced with new ones.

By signing up for the roadside assistance package, you can get a range of services to keep your vehicle in perfect shape. You can use the roadside assistance services for getting rid of battery problems, fuel problems, tire problems, electrical and mechanical breakdown, and so on. That's not all; you can utilize the roadside assistance package even if your car has been damaged in a road accident.

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Perggghhhhhhhhhhh !!! Sebulan jugak tak mengadap blog. Apa kes ha ? Apa kes ?

Biasalah memendam perasaan. Hahahaha


Busy lah oi. Serabut. Nak nangis sampai keluar hingus tau.

Entah lah.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

3 songs that I hate but I love most. Huh ?

So, today class I would like to teach uolls how to layan perasan ketika uolls break-up.

Dengarlah lagu mengarut Mariah Carey.

1) We belong together

2) Don't forget about us

3) I stay in love

Aku suka lagu Mariah Carey, lagu-lagu dia bermain hati dan perasaan. Chewah !